Accelerating Climate Solutions

Where are the opportunities for climate action? What are the issues that are shaping and holding back decision-making? From hunger to biodiversity loss, how do global challenges impact one another? With guest speakers from across international politics, science, climate, philanthropy, and civil society, tune into this new podcast to explore these questions in more detail and discover how systems-thinking can help deliver the solutions we so urgently need.

Stefan Schurig from the Foundations Platform F20 and Ruth Richardson from the Global Alliance for the Future of Food are keen to unpack major conflicts in the climate discourse, foster cross-sectoral dialogue and ultimately accelerate the implementation of solutions!

Global crises must be solved by global solutions. Philanthropic organisations play an important role in forwarding these solutions. We believe that we can have a greater impact together than individual organizations alone. The Foundations Platform F20 (F20) is an international network of more than 75 foundations and philanthropic organisations calling the G20 to act on climate in line with the Paris Climate Agreement and the UN Sustainable Development Goals. The Global Alliance for the Future of Food is an strategic alliance of philanthropic organizations collaborating on bold action across the planet to transform food systems and their impacts on climate change and food security

Being part of the solution and calling for joint, transnational action towards sustainable development is core of both F20’s and the Global Alliance’s mission and identity. The time is now to accelerate the shift towards a sustainable future for everyone!

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